Family Reviews


“Very good theater school! An amazing experience! Lots of opportunity to learn from professional actors. It is a great place for kids of all ages to learn and grow in the theater.” – Lakesanne

“It’s fun, exciting and I make lots of friends! Knowing that you’re going to perform on stage in-front of people makes you work really hard in rehearsals.” – Mikayla

“We have been a North Coast Theater School family since our daughter’s first performance of Seussical when she was in 4th grade. She is now going into high school and has participated in more plays and projects with NCRT than I can even count! She adores the creative team, admires their leadership and always feels challenged to take her performance skills to the next level. I highly recommend this theater program for any child who shows an interest in singing, dancing, acting, writing, directing, or even kids who haven’t found their passion yet, but are looking for some fun and creative kids to hang out with.”

“My daughter has been involved at TS@ NCR for the past 3 years in musical theatre productions, summer camps, and Saturday classes.  When I asked her what she liked best about the theatre school she said ” I always learn something new when I am there. There are not too many people in the classes or camps, and you are always included.  You don’t just sit around.  I also really like the people who work there.”

“As a parent, it is a theatre school I have gotten very comfortable with leaving my daughter there for hours at a time. She loves it! She always wants to go and has had nothing but positive experiences.  She is growing as an artist and much of this is the confidence and teaching aspect that the staff has brought to her as an individual and when she is in a group. Ben Cole, the Director of the Theatre School, is always very fair and trustworthy with his word.  The peer group there is always one she connects with.”

“Our son is really enjoying everything associated with this play and the others before it.

“I asked him for feedback.

‘Better than Hawaii was his response followed by a “yes” to better than skiing in Austria and Getmknodel . So I’d say for our son Ben Cole and his crew have it dialed’.”

“The North Coast Repertory Theatre School has been such a gift for our daughter. 2 years ago, she reluctantly tried a class and was instantly hooked. Since then she has participated in the Theatre School’s productions, classes and workshops. When we pick her up from her rehearsals she is energized and brimming with confidence. Ben Cole and teachers such as Sean Boyd and Steve Smith create an environment that is fun, safe and creative. Debbie’s costumes are amazing too.”

“Gabe began in class and performance with the School 10 years ago.  He took a sampling of classes, workshops, Masters Class and was cast in a few shows per year. We were drawn at first to the fact that the School was part of a Real Theater and not specifically a junior program.  Getting to practice and perform on the Main Stage was great too. The Theatre School has been a great learning environment for our student.  His self-confidence, public speaking, and enjoyment of great literature have all been enhanced by the classes and performances he has done with NCRT.”

“We have seen the directors and staff at the Theatre School encourage our kids in ways that help them build confidence while also inspiring them to express their individuality and creativity. Our children have not only improved their actual acting skills but better appreciate the teamwork and cohesiveness that is so unique to theater.”

“Our kids love being able to be a part of bringing a story to life with their peers. They also love the ability to express their creativity freely in a space that excludes judgment. Our kids have participated in classes, camps and productions and they love every opportunity to be a part of the Theatre School because of the way the programs encourage individuality and creativity while also leaving them with a better understanding of what it’s like to perform with others. The time they have invested in its programs has enabled them to uncover their unique talents in a very loving and supportive way.”

“There is something unique and special happening here, especially from what I can observe of the Vikings cast. (You can probably better expand on that!) Where else do you find a group spanning all ages and gender that blends so cohesively– enjoying and championing one another in what appears to be a very genuine way? This is especially meaningful to us as Jack is keenly aware that he is quite tall for his age and often self-conscious. He’s in a limbo of sorts between age/maturity expectations, but it seems those fade away at NCRT school.”

“Our family loves NCR Theater School! Every time I pick my kids up from rehearsal, they get in the car with smiles and announce, “That was fun!” (even after 4 hours of rehearsal!) This is true for my outgoing 13-year-old as well as my reserved and cautious 8-year-old. Despite their differing dispositions, both are confident and eager to put on the show for an audience. That’s a sign of good rehearsal technique!

“The Theater School staff knows how to motivate and inspire kids. Students work hard, learn a ton, and it feels like play. In this way the Theater School fosters a love of the performing arts and is an integral part of our community’s arts education network.   Seeing the look of pride and accomplishment on my child’s face when the audience laughs, is the payoff for all prior parental sacrifices. My kids are empowered by knowing that they can inspire a genuine emotional reaction in others. They learn that it feels good to share and touch hearts in this way.

“I’ve noticed that the older my kids get, the more confined to a desk their learning becomes. I so appreciate that The Theater School is an outlet for experiential learning. It’s also a platform to practice collaborating with peers and experts to produce a polished product for an audience. Such opportunities are sorely lacking in general education these days. Thank you Theater School at NCR for picking up the slack!