Doctor Hoo

(no class Nov. 29 Thanksgiving weekend)

Class will be held ONLINE via Zoom meeting to observe best practice for health & safety of all.
Please enroll using a preferred email. Instructors will send private link to students and families prior to first class session.

These small-scale performance classes offer students an introduction to developing character and rehearsing a play one day a week for six weeks. A half hour performance on the final class period in our studio/classroom space will be presented for friends and family. Focus is on actor training, not on spectacle. All students are guaranteed a role, but space is limited. There may be possibilities for learning basic Technical Theatre skills!

Dr. Hoo (an owl) is in charge of an emergency clinic for animals. But he and his nurse, Miss Nanny (a goat), can hardly take care of all the animals who come to them: a blue jay who was blinded by smog and flew into a building, a fish who is ill from the polluted water in which he has to live, a hen whose baby chick ate a worm poisoned by insecticide, a leopard who is burned in a forest fire set by a careless camper, and an alligator who is afraid he will become a pair of shoes.

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Cost: $249
Class Dates: 10/25/2020 - 12/06/2020
Day of Week: Sundays
Class Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Class Size: 15 Students maximum