In Search of Three Sillies

  • Class will be held ONLINE via Zoom meeting to observe best practice for health & safety of all.
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Directed by TBD

These small-scale performance classes offer students an introduction to developing character and rehearsing a play one day a week for six weeks. A half hour performance on the final class period in our studio/classroom space will be presented for friends and family. Focus is on actor training, not on spectacle. All students are guaranteed a role, but space is limited. There may be possibilities for learning basic Technical Theatre skills!

In Search of Three Sillies was produced several times and taken on a tour of elementary schools prior to publication. The author, a native Texan, has been fascinated by folklore since childhood. The story of the “three sillies” is one of her favorites. Her five published books include Ghost Stories of Old Texas, folklore of her home state. In this adaptation of the famous English folktale, we see Jack, an energetic young man who is about to ask the girl he loves to marry him. But when he meets her family, he is flabbergasted. They are faced with a problem that’s so simple a little child could solve it—but they can’t. “How silly can people be?” Jack wonders. Can he marry into this family? He decides to make a search. If he can find three other people as silly as his sweetheart’s family, he will return and marry her. This lively play portrays his search for three sillies. He finds them, and their stories make a hilarious play for audiences of all ages. While it is entertaining your audiences, it may also teach them an important lesson. “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” the Bible admonishes us. Yet, most of us find pleasure in our feeling of superiority when we encounter others who impress us as being somewhat less wonderful than we are.

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Cost: $249
Class Dates: 01/03/2021 - 02/07/2021
Day of Week: Sundays
Class Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Class Size: 15 Students maximum