The Odyssey

Director Phillip Korth

The Odyssey is the story not only of Odysseus’ journey home from the Trojan War but of his son Telemachus’ path to find out who he truly is. As Odysseus encounters the one-eyed Cyclops, Telemachus struggles to keep their home safe from greedy suitors. As Odysseus battles raging seas and the sly Circe, Telemachus himself sets sail to find his father. And on their parallel journeys, Odysseus and Telemachus encounter monsters and seas so treacherous that they are challenged to their limits. Will they survive to return home? If they do, what kind of heroes will they have become? This Odyssey imagines a somewhat different ending from Homer’s epic. But the questions to be faced are the same set out in the ancient story. How do we protect our homes? What makes something or someone a monster? How do we deal with the monsters we encounter overseas? What does it mean to be a hero, to grow up, to be civilized? How does each one of us, despite our age, fears or background, confront the obstacles that life places in our path and find our way through?

Cost: $249
Class Dates: 04/11/2021 – 05/16/2021
Day of Week: Sundays
Class Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Class Size: 15 Students maximum