The Tiger Turned Pink

  • Class will be held ONLINE via Zoom meeting to observe best practice for health & safety of all.
  • Please enroll using a preferred email. Instructors will send private link to students and families prior to first class session.

These small-scale performance classes offer students an introduction to developing character and rehearsing a play one day a week for six weeks. A half hour performance on the final class period in our studio/classroom space will be presented for friends and family. Focus is on actor training, not on spectacle. All students are guaranteed a role, but space is limited. There may be possibilities for learning basic Technical Theatre skills!

This humorous, endearing tale about a little tiger named Toby, who turns pink whenever he blushes, delights both the young and young-at-heart. Toby and his jungle pals, Zelda, a sassy zebra; Gerard, a goofy giraffe; and Professor J.G.E. Gorilla, one smart ape, like Toby just the way he is. So what if he’s different from other tigers. One day Toby and his friend go to a wedding. It’s a wonderful celebration until the bride and groom kiss. Toby blushes and turns bright pink. Two hunters, Humpert and Hughes, see Toby and realize he’s quite a find—a tiger that glows like a neon sign! Toby and his friends are captured. The hunters take them to the circus and put Toby on display. Toby and his friends are unhappy away from the jungle and locked in cages. Interaction with the audience helps Toby “Think Pink!” and put his escape plan into action. Returning to the jungle, Toby and his friends celebrate their homecoming. Zelda is so happy she gives Toby a kiss—and guess what?—the tiger turned pink!

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Cost: $249
Class Dates: 09/13/2020 - 10/18/2020
Day of Week: Sundays
Class Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Class Size: 15 Students maximum