Classes & Camps

This curriculum will offer students ages 4-24 who are interested in exploring our current options of theatre training.  Students may seek skills in acting as a form of self-expression, as well as working professionally in the entertainment business. We strive to give students in the skills needed to be competitive and get cast both locally and in the professional world. Classes at The Theatre School @ North Coast Rep are progressive—students move through the program as their skills mature. The same class may be taken multiple times to master all the skills before the student moves up to the next level.

Classes are taught by industry professionals who understand what it takes to “make it” in this business. Our instructors are local professional actors, directors, and teachers who specialize in working with children. All of them have degrees in theatre or education and have several years of experience working with the specific age groups they are assigned. Thorough background checks and child abuse prevention training is exercised for all teachers before they interact with any students.

Student’s individual skill level may vary with age. We propose age divisions based on techniques directed towards skills we think are applicable to that age range. For questions on where your child may best fit, contact

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A limited number of scholarships are available for need-based families. If you’d like apply for a scholarship, please email for an application.

Playful Ensemble Classes for ages 4-8

Broadway Babies

Broadway Babies is our introduction into the world of theatre. These classes are designed to spark creativity and teach the basics of stage etiquette and ensemble building. All classes are built on the foundation of theatre games to teach these skills. Songs or scenes inspired by popular children’s books, movies, and other thoughtful and giving characters will be explored in these “Broadway Babies” ensemble-building courses. Each Broadway Babies class culminates in a final showcase for friends and family.

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Fun Skill-Building Classes for ages 8-12

Students build greater control and confidence of choices while focusing on group work or solo character skills. Fun for focused performers and newcomers to the theatre. A showcase of lessons learned may be offered on the final class, but focus for these courses is more on developing skills rather than creating a performance.

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Studio Performance Classes for ages 8-12

These small-scale performance classes offer students an introduction to developing character and rehearsing a play two days a week for six weeks. A half hour performance on the final class period in our studio/classroom space will be presented for friends and family. Focus is on actor training, not on spectacle. All students are guaranteed a role, but space is limited. There may be possibilities for learning basic Technical Theatre skills!

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Theatrical Training Classes for ages 12-19

Students dive into skills to better understand and perform in more diverse types of theatre. A showcase of lessons learned may be offered on the final class, but focus for these courses is more on developing skills rather than creating a performance.

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Teen Dramatic Readers for ages 12-19

More focused performance training for teen actors who want something extra.

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Summer Theatre Camps for ages 4-8, for ages 8-12, & for ages 12-19!

One-Week, Half-Day Performance Camps for Broadway Babies & Two-Week, Full-Day Performance Camps for Elementary through High School Actors. We’re very excited to be offering you more performance-based intensives that will be sure to give your child a fun and skill-building playful summer.

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