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Each show has different casting requirements. See the individual show breakdowns for age limitations and roles available. Not all students who audition are guaranteed a role. The Theatre School @ North Coast Rep prides itself on smaller cast sizes and individual student focus. 

There is a production fee of $400.00 required for each student after being cast. There is no fee for auditioning, and cast is not required to take classes with the Theatre School @ North Coast Rep. Production fee is discounted, however, to $200.00 if the student is also enrolled in a regular six-week class or two-week summer camp that runs parallel to show rehearsal/performance schedule.

A limited number of scholarships are available for need-based performers. Please request a scholarship application if you require financial assistance.

Unless otherwise noted, all auditions and rehearsals are held in our Theatre School space located two suites north of
North Coast Repertory Theatre:
987 Lomas Santa Fe Dr., Suite D
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Next to audition is:

The Gift of the Magi

Adapted by Phillip Korth
From the short story by O. Henry

Performances – November 18-21, 2021
(in Theatre School Studio Space – 985 Lomas Santa Fe Dr. Suite D, Solana Beach, CA 92075)
November 18th: 10AM & 5:30PM
November 19th: 10AM & 5:30PM
November 20th: 2PM & 5:30PM
November 21st: 2PM

Exciting and heartwarming, this new adaptation of O. Henry’s classic short-story brings to life Della and Jim’s fateful Christmas.  With only a dollar and eighty-seven cents to spare, Della cannot imagine a holiday without being able to afford a present for her darling Jim.  She scrimps and saves every penny she can for months with this bare result and finally resolves to sacrifice her most prized possession in order to afford the perfect gift.  Meanwhile, Jim is facing the same predicament, and in a perfectly heartbreaking twist of fate they both lose the things dearest to them but discover what it truly means to give and receive gifts.

Time period: 1905
Settings of play: New York City
Run-time: 60 minutes, no intermission.
Type of Play: Holiday
Suggested rating: PG – recommended for grades 2nd & up, but all audiences may enjoy.

Open to students ages 12-19 to audition

Auditions: Tuesday & Wednesday, Oct. 12th – 13th with callbacks Thursday, Oct. 14th, 2021
 Tuesdays through Fridays 4:30-8:30PM Oct. 19th – Nov. 13th, 2021
Tech/Dress Rehearsals: Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30-8:30PM Nov. 16th – 17th, 2021

Read the original short story for FREE!
Character Descriptions for The Gift of the Magi

Looking for dynamic actors who are excited to tell stories physically, make big choices, take risks, and work together as part of an ensemble.  Particularly seeking an actress who is willing to cut her hair into a short bob.  Audition requirements are a single one-minute monologue.  If possible, your monologue should reflect the hopeful spirit of the original story.

Initial Audition appointments should only take about 5-10 minutes. This is a NON-Musical production.

CONTACT Ben@northcoastrep.org with additional questions or to schedule an audition appointment.

Produced by support from our very special Theatre School donors!

COVID Safety Guidelines for Theatre School student productions:

  • This course will rehearse in our Theatre School classroom/rehearsal space: 985 Lomas Santa Fe Dr. Suite D, Solana Beach, CA 92075
  • Masks must be worn at all times indoors if not fully vaccinated
  • Students and Instructors will maintain social distancing at all times
  • Hand Sanitizer is provided, and students are encouraged to maintain personal hygiene
  • Temperature check will be administered prior to allowing students to participate in class
  • If any student or family member of a student experiences symptoms of any illness, student must stay at home and self-quarantine for at least 48 hours before returning for the next class period
  • Families will be required to sign a form agreeing to adhere to these health and safety procedures and stating that they are aware there is still a risk of exposure in participating in our program


Putting on a live theatre production with kids is a rewarding and educational process that is more than just practicing for a performance. Like much of life, the rehearsal process is most of the experience. The golden moments on stage are great, but rehearsal is where we find out what we can do together. And then the performances shine!

For this reason, we tend to request most or all actors to most of the rehearsals. We do our best to make sure that students are active and engaged while they are with us, while still allowing for breaks and socializing. Students may also use time off stage or during breaks to do homework.

It is possible that not all actors will be called at all times for all rehearsals, but please list any conflicts within this rehearsal period on audition form. Knowing a student has a conflict allows us to make the best use of student’s time while they are in rehearsal. Some conflicts may be acceptable within the rehearsal period, but no conflicts will be allowed during Tech/Dress rehearsals or performances. Conflicts may influence casting decisions.

Students/parents will be asked to fill out an audition form with general student contact information and ALL POSSIBLE CONFLICTS during our process. No additional conflicts will be accepted beyond what is offered on the audition form. If frequent or repeated lateness and/or unexpected absences occur during the rehearsal process this may lead to a student’s lines being reassigned, student being removed from scenes, songs or even the dismissal from the entire production, and will affect future casting consideration. There is no refund in production fee if student is asked to leave the production.

Headshots and resumes are not required at auditions, but are always encouraged. If no headshot is provided at auditions we may ask to take a photo of the student to better reference their appearance in connection with their audition form during casting decisions.

This is an advanced level Theatre School @ North Coast Rep production. As with all Theatre School productions, it is possible that not all students who audition will be cast.

Contact Ben@northcoastrep.org with additional questions or to schedule an audition appointment.

General Audition Information:

CLICK HERE for Parent Information Forms

  • Auditions held on a show by show basis in the Theatre School Space located two suites down from: North Coast Repertory Theatre – 987 Lomas Santa Fe, Suite D – Solana Beach, CA 92075
  • Auditions are open call, but scheduling an appointment is required.
  • We recommend bringing a current headshot and resume, and insist that students know all conflicts within the rehearsal period.
  • No conflicts will be permitted tech week or for the run of the performances.
  • Rehearsals for student productions are typically after school hours during the school year, Tuesdays through Fridays usually 4:30PM to 8:30PM.
  • Extended rehearsal times may be scheduled the week before the show opens for “Tech Rehearsals” and “Dress Rehearsals.” Rehearsal/Performance times may vary depending on the production or time of year. See specific rehearsal schedule for each show.

For questions, please contact: Ben@northcoastrep.org or call 858-481-2155 ext. 216 for any questions, more details about production fee, and parent involvement.