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Each show has different casting requirements. See the individual show breakdowns for age limitations and roles available.
Not all students who audition are guaranteed a role. The Theatre School @ North Coast Rep prides itself on smaller cast sizes and individual student focus. 

*There is a production fee of $350.00 required for each student after being cast. Production fee is discounted to $150.00 if student is also enrolled in a regular six-week class or two-week summer camp that runs parallel to show rehearsal/performance schedule.
A limited number of scholarships are available for need-based performers. Please request a scholarship application if you require financial assistance.

All auditions and rehearsals are held in our Theatre School space located two suites north of
North Coast Repertory Theatre:
987 Lomas Santa Fe Dr., Suite D
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Check out scripts, music, or roles available for shows in our season HERE!

CymbelineNext to audition is:

William Shakespeare’s


Directed by Benjamin Cole

Imagine Snow White mixed with Romeo and Juliet in Ancient Britain, but with a happy ending! The beautiful princess Imogen loves the peasant Posthumus, but her father, King Cymbeline, is warped by her wicked step-mother. Posthumus is exiled. While abroad, Posthumus bets on the loyalty of his love whom a rival, the creepy Iachimo, wishes to test. Imogen remains true, but Iachimo’s lies prompt Posthumus to enlist his servant, Pisanio, to coax Imogen to run away with him to the forest and kill her. Imogen is eager to flee Britain and quickly plots her escape disguised as a boy. Abandoning Pisanio after he is unable to kill her in the woods, Imogen finds refuge with other woodsmen who had fled the King’s unjustified tyranny. Ultimately, evil is punished and love is restored through the power of forgiveness.

Time period: Ancient Britain under Roman guardianship.
Settings of play: Britain, Wales, and Rome.
Run-time: 2 hours,1 Intermission.
Suggested rating: PG13 – recommended for grades 6th & up, but all audiences may enjoy.

Will be performed outdoors at the Birdwing Amphitheater in Del Mar AND La Colonia Park in Solana Beach!

Performances: July 26 – 29 & Aug 2 – 5

First Venue Performance weekend: (At Birdwing Amphitheater in Del Mar)
July 26th: 6PM, 2018
July 27th: 6PM, 2018
July 28th: 6PM, 2018
July 29th: 6PM, 2018
Second Venue Performance weekend: (At La Colonia Community Center & Park in Solana Beach)
Aug 2nd: 6PM, 2018
Aug 3rd: 6PM, 2018
Aug 4th: 6PM, 2018
Aug 5th: 6PM, 2018

Contact Ben@northcoastrep.org with questions or to set up an audition appointment.

Auditions: May 22 & 23, 2018 (Ages 12-19)

*Students should prepare a 1-2 minute Shakespeare monologue for auditions. Monologues are a short speech delivered by one character and can be from any play, musical, movie, or book. If you’re having difficulty finding a monologue, you might check out audition monologues books at your local library or book store, or try online at a monologue site like this.
Or, try this link for Shakespeare monologue suggestions.

Audition appointments should only take about 5-10 minutes.

Email Ben@northcoastrep.org to schedule an audition appointment.
(Possible callbacks will be Thursday, May 24th by invitation only. Students who play a musical instrument of any kind are encouraged to audition!)

(Purchase the script here🙂
(Read script online for Free here🙂
(Purchase the book the show is based on here🙂
(Cast List or Roles Available here🙂

Regular Rehearsals are Tuesdays through Fridays from 4:30PM – 8:30PM
June 19th – July 20th, 2018.
Tech/Dress rehearsals will be Monday through Wednesday July 23-25 & July 30-Aug 1 4:30PM – 8:30PM, 2018.

It is possible that not all actors will be called at all times for all rehearsals, but please list any conflicts within this rehearsal period on audition form. Knowing a student has a conflict allows us to make the best use of student’s time while they are in rehearsal. Some conflicts may be acceptable within the rehearsal period, but no conflicts will be allowed during Tech/Dress rehearsals or performances. Conflicts may influence casting decisions.

Students/parents will be asked to fill out an audition form with general student contact information and ALL possible conflicts during our process. No additional conflicts will be accepted beyond what is offered on the audition form. If frequent or repeated lateness and/or unexpected absences occur during the rehearsal process this may lead to a student’s lines being reassigned, student being removed from scenes, songs or even the dismissal from the entire production, and will affect future casting consideration.

Headshots and resumes are not required at auditions, but are always encouraged. If no headshot is provided at auditions we may ask to take a photo of the student to better reference their appearance in connection with their audition form during casting decisions.

This is an advanced level Theatre School @ North Coast Rep production. As with all Theatre School productions, it is possible that not all students who audition will be cast.


Contact Ben@northcoastrep.org with additional questions or to schedule an audition appointment.

General Audition Information:

CLICK HERE to Parent Information Forms

  • Auditions held on a show by show basis in the Theatre School Space located two suites down from: North Coast Repertory Theatre – 987 Lomas Santa Fe, Suite D – Solana Beach, CA 92075
  • Auditions are open call, but scheduling an appointment is encouraged.
  • Please bring a current headshot and resume, and know all conflicts within the rehearsal period.
  • No conflicts will be permitted tech week or for the run of the performances.
  • Rehearsals for youth productions are typically after school hours during the school year, usually 4:30PM to 8:30PM.
  • Extended rehearsal times may be scheduled the week before the show opens for “Tech Rehearsals” and “Dress Rehearsals.” Rehearsal/Performance times may vary depending on the production or time of year. See specific rehearsal schedule for each show.

For questions, please contact: Ben@northcoastrep.org or call 858-481-2155 ext. 216 for any questions, more details about production fee, and parent involvement.